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Give the gift of hope to show someone you care

Buy Winter Boots to Keep a Child Warm
Winter Boots.jpg

Give the gift of hope to a child this winter season by purchasing a pair of winter boots. Or buy a pair for siblings for $40. You can also choose to make a donation of any amount to the Winter Boots program.

Enter the amount of your donation in the box below and add this to your shopping cart.

Give $40 to buy a pair of winter boots for a child

Hot Meals for the Hungry
Hot Meals.jpg

Help agencies feed the hungry. Give the gift of hope through a hot meal for someone who needs a little help. The winter months can be difficult for some of our friends and neighbours. Make a donation of $30 to provide 10 people with a hot meal or select any other amount to make a donation to support local meal providers.

Give $30 to provide a hot meal for 10 people in need

Help Give a Youth Shelter
Shelter for Youth.jpg

One in three people in shelters in our community are youth. Help a young person access warmth, safety and shelter. A donation of $75 can provide a youth 2 nights in a shelter. Or you can choose to make a donation to the local youth shelters and transitional housing, with supports, by entering the amount of your donation in the box below.

Give $75 to provide a youth shelter for 2 nights

Should you wish to make an in-kind donation please visit our website at https://www.unitedwaykfla.ca/holiday-giving to find a list of agencies accepting in-kind donations